Essential Backup

Backup your important data with Essential Backup.
Backup and restore Contacts, SMS, Call log and Calendar found on your Android phone.
You can also use this app to transfer data between phones.

Phone Cleaner


  • Backup and Restore
  • Backup Contact
  • Backup SMS
  • Backup Call log
  • Backup Calendar events
  • Restore Contact
  • Restore SMS
  • Restore Call log
  • Restore Calendar events
  • Backup location
  • Phone storage / External storage
  • Cloud storage - Google Drive
  • Manage backups files
  • Manually create backups
  • View backup content
  • Delete backups
  • Share backup file
  • Send backup file via email
  • App Manager
  • Backup and restore apps (only APKs, no apps data)
  • Share APK file


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